Pauliina Lerche has come out with her second soloCD Malanja (RUOCD106). Malanja (a Karelian girls name) continues the lively, feminine Karelian mood first heard on Katrilli (2002). The musicians on the record represent the top of their respective genres in Finland - ethnic, folk music and jazz. Malanja is a SACD, in which a single CD-record contains a normal 16-bit CD (stereo) mix, a 24-bit stereo mix and a 5.0 surround mix.

A multi-instrumentalist, Pauliina plays the accordion, kantele, violin and deltar. She is also the main vocalist on Malanja. Although the music is heavily influenced by tradition, the compositions are by Pauliina. She combines seemingly effortlessly her strong roots with a more modern, “global” approach. Besides accordions and acoustic guitars, instruments featured on the record include the vibraphone, kaval, low whistle, Estonian bagpipes, dobro and Carnatic violin. Of special interest is the recording debut of the Deltar (Tulikatrilli/Firequadrille), a harp-like instrument designed by Iraqi-born acoustics professor Ali, who is currently based in England.

Pauliina grew up in the musical hothouse of Rääkkylä in Northern Karelia, which has produced numerous ethnic/folk music groups, the most famous of which is Värttinä, in which she played in the original line-up. In addition to her solo career she also sings and plays violin in Burlakat, the only group that sings in the Karelian language. Since 2002 she has recorded and performed with Indian (Hindustani) musicians, most notably with the exciting new group Kriya, which combines the musical heritages of Finland and India. Kriyas first CD (ABCD 210) came out in January 2006.

Having grown up in a small community in the lake district near the Russian border, nature plays a significant role as an inspiration for Pauliinas music. The ancient mythical elements earth, wind, fire and water have a strong presence in texture of the music. In Touko (Spring) one can sense the trickle of snow melting into water, in Etelämyrsky (Southern Storm) the last warm breath of autumn. Aallot (Waves) gives us the gentle ripple of a summer lake. The sounds of nature on Malanja were recorded by Pauliina at the small island, owned by her family, where she has spent all her summers.

Malanja, with extra tracks from Katrilli, will be released in the autumn of 2006 in Japan by besection records.