-born in 1974, Pauliina begins to play violin at the age of four


-a growing interest in Karelian poetry leads to Pauliina writing and reading her own poems in the children’s programs of the Finnish Broadcasting Company

-in 1983, at the age of nine, Pauliina joins Värttinä and begins to practice on the 5-string kantele


-Värttinä is selected as the Kaustinen Ensemble of the Year at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in 1987

-the debut album ‘Värttinä’ (1987) is released and followed by a tour in Germany, Austria and the Soviet Union the following year

-in 1989, the second album (and the last album with the original line-up) ‘Musta Lindu’ is released

-Pauliina quits Värttinä to pursue studies at the Music High School in Kuopio


-during the high school years, Pauliina forms another folk music band with her classmates. The band releases a single in spring 1992

-Pauliina both composes and arranges for the band and accordion becomes her main instrument


-in 1994, begins studies at the Folk Music Department of the Sibelius Academy

-own band ‘Mimmit’ for which Pauliina composes and arranges for includes also Pauliina’s little sister Hannamari

-Pauliina is invited to join Burlakat, a North Karelian folk music band singing in the original Karelian language. Pauliina sings and plays violin in the band.

-in 1995, exchange studies in Japan (Geidai University, Tokio)

-composition for the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in 1996

-is asked to join the Helsinki-based folk dance ensemble Pitko as a musician and a composer

-first solo performances in 1997


-in 1998, becomes a substitute for Maria Kalaniemi in the orchestra of famous Finnish musician and actor Vesa-Matti Loiri

-solo performances e.g. in Italy

-the debut album ’Tsastuska’ by Burlakat is released in 1999 and followed by a tour

-Duo Pauliina & Peter Lerche is formed

-Mimmit releases a new single ’Meren alainen’ (2000)


-composes music for the folk dance choreography ‘Varas vai rakas’ by Rami Meling

-solo improvisation concert at the Kihaus Folk Festival in Rääkkylä

-becomes the main accordion player in the Vesa-Matti Loiri Ensemble

-begins work on her debut album


-records parts of her debut album in New Delhi, India with local musicians

-composes music for the folk dance choreography ‘Vipu’ by Rami Meling

-Burlakat is chosen as one of the two Festival Ensembles at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

-debut album ‘Katrilli’ is released in the summer and immediately receives positive reviews

-solo accordion piece ‘Kadonneet kirkonkellot’ (Lost church-bells) is performed at Art Goes Kapakka Festival in Helsinki

-Pauliina graduates with MA from the Sibelius Academy

-the year ends with the traditional pre-Christmas tour with Vesa-Matti Loiri Ensemble


-extensive tour with two major Finnish rock musicians Hector and Pave Maijanen

-the second album by Burlakat, ‘Magie’, is released

-solo piece ‘Kadonneet kirkonkellot’ is performed at the NEBO Festival in Zagreb, Croatia, and Pauliina conducts a workshop on Finnish folk music

-the Finnish-Indian ensemble Kriya (‘work’, ‘action’ in Sanskrit) is formed

-a busy year that ends with the traditional pre-Christmas tour with Vesa-Matti Loiri Ensemble


-collaboration with Hector continues in Hector Acoustic Trio

-several compositions for the folk dance group Potpuri

-‘Magie’ is released in Germany and Burlakat celebrates its tenth anniversary with a tour

-Kriya tours extensively and receives very positive reviews

-the year ends with the pre-Christmas tour with Vesa-Matti Loiri Ensemble


-Pauliina begins to work on her second solo album

-solo performances in Tokyo and at the World EXPO in Aichi, Japan

-Burlakat tours in Germany during the summer

-new album is being recorded in the fall before the pre-Christmas tour with Vesa-Matti Loiri Ensemble

-in December, Pauliina is appointed one of the programme directors of the Kihaus Folk Music Festival


-Pauliina’s second solo album ’Malanja’ is released in May

Playing the piano 1977

Pauliina & Matleena 1982

Pauliina 1983

Pauliina & Tuomas 1987

Värttinä in Turkey 1987

Värttinä on the island of Kizi (Petroskoi) 1989

Pauliina & Matleena 1988

Sivuluisu 1992

Concert in the USA 1991

Sivuluisu 1992

Mimmit 1994

Mimmit 1994

In Tokyo 1995

Mimmit 1996

Mimmit 2000

Pauliina wearing a feresi 2001

Kriya at Savoy 2004

Pauliina 2004